Create your own personalized stamps

Marriage, childbirth, family celebrations – use your own personalized stamps and postcards for your invitations, announcements, greetings…

Create your own self-adhesive stamps by using your favourite photos and use them for each occasion. Surprise your family and friends with
a stamp or card with their face on. Send them a unique keepsake with this thoughtful gift.

Thanks to MengPost, create your stamps and postcards in just Let your imagination run wild! Upload your photos and add text, your stamps can be fully customized. Communicate in an original way on all your mail items.

Quick and easy: create your personalized stamps and postcards.

  • Choose a product
  • Upload your photos or use the image gallery
  • Add your text
  • Use your own decorative border or choose one from the gallery
  • Pay online with VISA/Mastercard
  • Receive your stamps at your home or any other address of your choice

Pay online: simple and secure payment.

Your creations will be delivered free of charge to your home or to any address of your choice.

Sheet of stamps (20 or 8 stamps)

Design your own personal stamp with just a few clicks. Select your design, format and face value, upload your picture,
place your text or your background image and your personalized stamps are ready.

Minimum order quantity 1 sheet of 20 stamps, 10 sheets of 8 stamps.



CREATE MY STAMPS                                                                           PRICE LIST

Stamp block

Brand new, the stamp block of 3! Select 3 different motifs from your file or use the motifs provided by us. You can move the motifs among themselves until the design is perfect. You can also insert your own background image.

Minimum order quantity 12 blocks.


CREATE MY STAMPS                                                                           PRICE LIST

Motif sheet

Also new is the 8-motif sheet. With the 8-motif sheet, you can upload eight different motifs. Here, too, you can move the motifs among themselves. You can also add a personal background to the sheet.

Minimum order quantity 4 sheets

CREATE MY STAMPS                                                                           PRICE LIST

Panoramic sheet

With the new panorama sheet (10 stamps) you can insert a single image on the whole sheet and get 10 individual stamps
with an original mosaic effect.

Minimum order quantity 5 sheets

CREATE MY STAMPS                                                                            PRICE LIST


Créez votre propre carte postale en quelques clics. Sélectionnez votre design, format et affranchissement, téléchargez votre motif, placez votre texte et votre carte postale personnalisée est prête. De plus, vous pouvez sélectionner en même temps l'affranchissement souhaité.

Quantité minimum 8 cartes

CREATE MY POSTCARD                                                                            PRICE LIST

Gift wrapping (coming soon)

For special occasions, be it weddings, birthdays or childbirth, there is now also matching gift packaging for the various
stamp products available

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