FDC - 100 years Natur & Ëmwelt
FDC - 100 years Natur & Ëmwelt
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In 1920, the LĂ«tzebuerger Natur a Vulleschutzliga a.s.b.l. (Luxembourg Nature and Bird Protection Society) was founded with the aim of introducing legislation in Luxembourg for the protection of nature and birds. This goal was achieved in 1928. The initial Bird Protection Act is still the legal basis for this field today. The organisation now has 11,000 members and works with 40 partner associations to provide information, raise awareness and engage politically. There are also numerous and varied opportunities for big and small nature lovers to discover and preserve valuable habitats.

As the smallest representative of the native bird world, the goldcrest is the symbol of Luxembourg’s bird protection. It lives in coniferous forests, especially in spruce forests. It is easily recognised by its rounded body and the striking yellow feathers on its head. This small, very lively songbird can also fly on the spot in search of insects.

Drawing: Johan de Crem (F)
Layout: Ierace Dechmann + Partners (L)
Printing: Multicoloured offset lithographie, 800 frame printing and random printing, Cartor Security Printing (F)
Dimensions: 45 x 33 mm, 10 stamps per sheet
  • 2020
  • Animals
  • Per unit

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