Asteroid Day 2
Asteroid Day 2


1. Only postage stamps and Luxembourg postal cards that are valid for franking will be cancelled.
From 1 January 2003, postage stamps whose value is expressed exclusively in Luxembourg francs will not be valid for franking and cannot be cancelled. Stamps without a numerical face value (A, A Europe, L50g, E50g, and M50g) as well as those whose value is expressed in both EUR and LUF will remain valid until notice to the contrary.
2. All mail or any philatelic documents presented for cancellation must bear a minimum franking of 0.80€.This minimum does not apply to First Day cancellations that will be used to cancel all the stamps issued on the date in question, even those whose franking value would be lower than 0.80€.
All items to be forwarded through the mail must conform to the general conditions of acceptance and franking of mail transported by the post and be presented in the form of an envelope or card. The franking must be affixed to the front side, stamps placed on the reverse side will not be taken into consideration. The single exception is that maximum cards may be franked on the view side. (Maximum cards can’t be forwarded through the mail uncovered, however.)
3. Registered mail or air mail is only accepted on the same day as the release of the cancellation design and then only at the corresponding post office. Insured mail as well as « ATR » mail, is not accepted.
4. Late requests for cancellation of items that are not sent through the mail are accepted in the three weeks following the release of the cancellation design.
5. A single piece of mail or philatelic document cannot receive two or more different cancellations. Stamps affixed on any item bearing previously cancelled stamps will not be cancelled with the new cancellation design.
6. First Day cancellation can only be used to cancel stamps from the corresponding stamp issue.
7. In case, the First Day cancellation mark should be applied on an addressed envelope that bears stamps not fulfilling the required minimum franking and supplementary franking is needed, articles 5 and 6 do not apply. The supplementary franking will be cancelled by the normal day cancellation mark. This is only valid on the day of the stamp issue.
8. In order to receive announced cancellations, collectors will be able to send duly franked mail or documents in a timely manner to POST Philately. If necessary, an addressed envelope can be enclosed for the return of the items.
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