FDC - 700 years Peter of Aspelt
FDC - 700 years Peter of Aspelt
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700th Anniversary of the death of Peter of Aspelt
When Pierre d'Aspelt died on 5 June 1320, he was one of the most powerful electors of his time. With great political ambition and skill, the son of a simple, non-noble family became a kingmaker and a high-ranking diplomat on the European level.
He is of course very present in the Luxembourgish municipality of Aspelt. Pierre d'Aspelt is an integral part of the cultural heritage of the municipality. It is thanks to his work that the name Aspelt is known far beyond the borders. However, on the occasion of his 700th anniversary of death in 2020, a new Pierre d'Aspelt statue will not be inaugurated until 2021.
issue date: 15.09.2020
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