Special series « Christmas 2018 » - The end-of-year festivities

4 December 2018

Special series « Christmas 2018 » - The end-of-year festivities

Christmas is the time of the year where we are close to our loving ones. And that is exactly the way the two illustrations have been designed that will be adorning the two commemorative “Christmas 2018” stamps this year.  Every time you look you discover a new detail carefully selected and designed by the illustrator, Céline Mazzilli.

Furthermore, this year POST Philately has chosen again a special finish for the two stamps. In a world first, the designs are printed on transparent foil and are self-adhesive. When you stick them onto the envelope, the material of the envelope shows through in the background.

Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Céline Mazzilli

Céline Mazzilli lives and works in Luxembourg. As visual communication designer, she has chosen a profession that allows her to spend her days doing what she loves.

“Like most people, I like surprises. And I think that an illustration can deliver surprises. What’s important is that the details that make up my illustrations aren’t all perceptible at first glance. Furthermore, I can be a bit nostalgic, and I love to slip in references to films/TV series/songs that I’ve really enjoyed in the past. Since there are so many of them, there are quite a few small elements to integrate.” Céline Mazzilli

Price of the series : 1,65 + 0,15 = 1,80 €
Drawings : Céline Mazzilli (L)
Layout : Céline Mazzilli (L)
Printing : Offset lithographie on self-adhesive tracing paper with white back by Cartor Security Printing SA, La Loupe (F)
Dimensions : 31,5 x 40 mm, 12 stamps per sheet with decorated border


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