Book of stamps – Luxembourg Mushrooms

3 december 2013

POST Philately has issued a book of self-adhesive stamps showing the diversity of Luxembourg's mushrooms.

There are over 2,500 different species of mushroom in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The humid and temperate climate offers the perfect conditions for mushrooms to prosper in the forests.
They are essential to the ecosystem as they recycle organic waste matter in the forests. They also help the plants and trees to absorb the minerals that they require.

Book of stamps – Luxembourg Mushrooms

This book of stamps shows photographs of mushrooms taken in their natural environment. The images are visual poetry showing a diversity of shapes and colours: 

  • Common puffball
  • Orange Peel Fungus
  • Bay bolete
  • Trametes versicolor
  • Fly agaric. 

These self-adhesive stamps are part of a series shots taken by François Besch

The artist

Born in Asch-sur-Alzette, François Besch is a pioneer of smartphone photography. These photographs have been exhibited at the Clairefontaine de Luxembourg-Ville gallery and were all taken with the Hipstamatic. application. This application allows the use of colour filters and other effects on images.

All the photos in this book of stamps have been taken by François Besch using the Hipstamatic application. 

Actual price of book: €8,00
Photos: François Besch (L)
Layout: Dechmann Communication (L)
Printing: Offset lithography by Cartor Security Printing SA, La Loupe (F)
Format: 35 x 35 mm


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