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The UGDA (Union Grand-Duc Adolphe) is the national music, folklore and theatre association of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. With over 14,000 active members and 329 affiliated clubs, the UGDA plays a central role in the socio-cultural life of Luxembourg.

Its aims are:

The UGDA music school organises music lessons in many of Luxembourg's municipalities and stages national and international training courses. In addition, the UGDA also works on larger scale youth projects.

It works in partnership with many of Luxembourg's municipalities and in collaboration with local musical societies.

At an international level, the UGDA is active in the following areas:

The name UGDA dates from 1946. The association was founded on 6th September 1863 under the name Allgemeiner Luxemburger Musikverein (Luxembourg General Musical Society). At that time, HRH Prince Henry of the Netherlands was the honorary chairman.

28 years after its creation, and before taking its current name, the society was called Adolfverband (Adolphe Association) under the patronage of Grand Duke Adolphe.

The Lycée Privé Émile Metz is a very modern educational institution. It delivers computer-assisted learning and offers training in aeronautical mechanics and general technical training.

The Institut Emile Metz Luxembourg-Dommeldange, was renamed Lycée Technique Privé Émile Metz. It was founded in 1913 during the First World War.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Luxembourg experienced an industrial revolution. Qualified workers were employed in the steel industry. Apprentices received an academic education which went beyond traditional general schooling. This was a first time in Luxembourg‘s history.

Classrooms were specially designed for each profession. In addition to technical education, the school also comprised sports halls, a swimming pool and a library.

The private lycée quickly earned itself a good reputation for its combination of theoretical training and practical vocational exercises. The school expanded in the 1970s to be able to fully accommodate its 500 pupils,

Lycée Privé Émile Metz has changed a great deal since its creation.

The Round Table was founded in 1927 in Norwich (UK) by Louis Marchesi. The Round Table Luxembourg was established on 8th August, 1963.

The aim of the organisation is to collect funds to support its charitable work. It is politically and religiously neutral, with tolerance and friendship as watch words.

The Round Table Luxembourg's slogan, "We Care for Kids" reflects its commitment to children from underprivileged backgrounds, locally, regionally and far beyond the borders of the Grand Duchy.

The 6 local Tables bring together 180 Tablers. These Tablers are young men under the age of 40 who are full of heart and without prejudice. They are responsible and active within a variety of professional fields.

The 6 regional Tables get together regularly to collect funds.

The most widely-known event is undoubtedly the famous Duck Race. 4,000 spectators gathered in the Pétrusse valley to watch 12,000 plastic ducks. This event enabled the Round Table to donate €66,000 to two Luxembourg-based charities in 2012.

Tablers are active all year round:

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