Booklet - plums 2018
Booklet - plums 2018


The diversity of plum varieties in Luxembourg is extraordinary. The flavours and different uses of the varieties are also very varied.

Whereas some varieties are suitable for all kinds of uses, others are ideal for preserving.

Protecting diversity

The environmental foundation “natur&ëmwelt” has now identified more than 100 different old plum varieties in Luxembourg. The objective is to bring these varieties back into cultivation in gardens and nurseries.

Current price of the booklet : 10,50 €
Layout : Lerace, Dechmann+Partners (L)
Printing : Multicoloured high-resolution offset by Philaposte, Boulazac (F)
Dimensions : 35 x 35 mm, 10 stamps per booklet
  • 2018
  • Fauna and Flora

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