Nation branding (1,30 Eur)
Nation branding (1,30 Eur)
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“Luxembourg’s Signature” is the country’s shared signature and consists of the sym¬bol X, the lettering “Luxembourg” and the Invitation “Let’s make it happen”. A signa¬ture is unmistakeable and communicates a clear statement: “This is what I stand for”. The stories and personalities of its people as well as its social development consti¬tute Luxembourg’s unique character and define its shared values: openness, dyna¬mism and reliability.

As a central element, the symbol X stands for what makes Luxembourg special: its openness and the ability to bring people together in such a way that reliable con¬nections and new ideas can develop with¬in this dynamism; and the diversity of the possibilities that the country offers to all inhabitants, visitors and partners in a stable environment. The X is made of four red and blue arrows, whose double orientation underlines the mutual exchange.

The Invitation “Let’s make it happen” is addressed to each and everyone, inviting them to use the many possibilities offered by our country for both their own and the shared successes.

The two elements of the symbol X and the Invitation complement each other and communicate as Luxembourg’s Signature the promise for which the country stands: moving forward together. Luxembourg’s Signature lives through its applications. This stamp series is part of a unique and strong overall image.

Layout : binsfeld-vidalegloesener
Printing: Multicoloured high resolution offset, self-adhesive stamps with punch perforation and cut back side by Gutenberg AG (FL)
Dimensions: 32 x 38 mm, 10 stamps per sheet with decorated borders
  • 2016
  • Commémorations
  • Per unit

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