Leaflet Fruit varieties 10,00 EUR
Leaflet Fruit varieties 10,00 EUR
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The most common apples are, among others :

The "Triumph", "Renette", "Jakob Lebel", "Porzenapfel", "Gestraifte Rambo",…

Regarding the pears, the most known sorts are : "Gute Graue", "Doppelte Philippsbirne", "Neue Poiteau" and "Saint Rémy".

The stones are a key defining characteristic for pomologists. Similar varieties can be differentiated using stones.

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Actual price of the leaflet: €10,00
Layout: Repères Communications (L)
Printing: Multicoloured high resolution offset by Joh. Enschedé Stamps, B.V., Haarlem (NL)
Dimensions of the leaflet: 127 x 67 mm
Dimensions of the stamps: 20 x 29 mm
  • 2015
  • ATM
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