175 years of the Military Band
175 years of the Military Band
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The Luxembourg Military Band was founded on 29 December 1842 following the creation of an infantry battalion garrisoned at Echternach. In 1847, Luxembourg established a second infantry battalion, which was also accompanied by a military band.

At the time of its creation, the military band was known as the “Hornistenkorps” and was made up of between 25 and 29 musicians. 175 years later, the “Hornistenkorps” has evolved into a professional orchestra of Luxembourgish musicians. Placed under the direct authority of the Chief of Staff, the Luxembourg Military Band is made up of some sixty professional musicians.

The orchestra also regularly performs for the Grand-Ducal Court, during state visits, official visits and also leads official ceremonies or formal dinners.

Price of the series: 1,65 €
Drawings: Tom Diederich (L)
Layout: GAM S.A. (L)
Printing: Offset haute définition en quadrichromie,
timbres autocolants avec perforation et
rainurage sur le verso par Gutenberg AG (FL)
Dimensions: 32 x 38 mm
10 timbres à la feuille avec bords décorés
  • 2017
  • Music

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