FDC 125 years Landesuerbstbauveräin
FDC 125 years Landesuerbstbauveräin
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Issue from 09.03.2021

Today, the promotion of fruit growing in Luxembourg is one of the main objectives of the association. In Luxembourg, the level of self-sufficiency in fruit is currently 1%. Therefore, in the first instance, the farms are supported and motivated to expand the areas under cultivation. Fruit growers put a lot of work into their fields and cultivation areas before, during and after the harvest in order to achieve the best quality; much has to be done by hand in order to protect the delicate fruit.
Photo: Anne Lommel Photography (LU)
Layout: Fargo sàrl (LU)
Printing: Multicoloured high-resolution offset by Bpost Stramps Factory, Malines (B)
  • 2021
  • Fauna and Flora
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